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Get extra care for your gear with Neotez Protection Plan

Our Neotez products come with hardware repair and exchange coverage with its limited warranty. With Neotez Protection Plan, we offer an extension of warranty coverage so you can enjoy your Neotez gear without worries.

Neotez Protection Plans are available for purchase with purchase - get additional protection and support with our NeoCare Plus and NeoCare Pro when you purchase a Neotez monitor of your choice.

Our Protection Plan Includes

Automatic Registration

Repairs by Neotez Authorised Centers

1-to-1 Exchange

Neotez Protection Plan Coverage Options

Both protection plan options extend your warranty coverage upon expiration of the NeoCare Limited Warranty.

NeoCare Plus
Extend 1 Year Warranty
NeoCare Pro
Extend 1 Year Warranty
Automatic Registration
Mechanical & Electrical Failures
Surge Protection (from Day 1)
1-to-1 Exchange* -
Panel Warranty -
Free two-way shipping for repairs/exchange -

*Our Limited Warranty offers free 1-to-1 exchange for the first 14 days from date of purchase.


Enjoy up to 4 years of extended warranty on your Neotez SAGITTA monitor arms series just by sharing a simple photo of your setup.

How to join?

Time to get down and creative by taking a photo of your amazing Neotez Monitor Arm setup!

Post it on Facebook or Instagram, tag us and hashtag #neotez #bepartoftheneorevolution. Kindly ensure your account is set to public for us to approve your posts.

And that’s it! Just two simple steps and you’re qualified for the 4-Year Monitor Arm Warranty Extension.


Yes, simply drop us an email at our with the name and phone number you purchased the product under and they will be able to locate your proof of purchase.

You’re all set at the time of purchase! Registration is automatic.

Our Panel Warranty provides coverage for any panel defects e.g. screen burn, light bleeding, colour fade and light patches.

In addition, we offer an upgraded coverage for any dead pixels, covering even a single dead pixel on your monitor when you purchase our NeoCare Pro Protection Plan.